CASA in Action Unveils Dynamic Maryland Endorsements

LANGLEY PARK, MD. (THURSDAY, APRIL 19, 2018) – One week after the Maryland legislative session ended, the area’s largest immigrant service and advocacy organization CASA in Action announced its third and final round of state and local endorsements.

Rewarding champions of immigrant issues, the endorsements activate a robust, bilingual mobilization campaign with hefty advertising, media outreach, phone-banking, and door-knocking ahead of the June 26 primaries.


“In the absence of inclusive policies at the federal level, the immigrant community relies on local and state policies to fill the gaping void left by the complete dysfunction on Capitol Hill,” said Gustavo Torres, CASA in Action President. “The Maryland session disappointed the immigrant community, which prompted many advocates to action. We backed an explosive set of candidates whose boundless dedication to progressive policies would undoubtedly shake Maryland up.”


Immigrants rights supporter and attorney Sheldon H. Laskin, who is running for State Senate District 11, has fought alongside CASA advocates and supported tenants’ rights as well as equal opportunity employment opportunities for decades.


Grassroots leader and retired surgeon Dana Beyer, who is running for State Senate District 18, has served as a progressive activist for LGBTQ issues for years, advocating both in her personal life as a trans woman and professional roles as non-profit executive director and thought leader for the equal rights that all communities deserve.


Rising Baltimore City leader Antonio Hayes, who is running for State Senate District 40, seeks to provide opportunities that fill the educational and economic gap for West Baltimore families.


Union leader Cory McCray, who is running for State Senate District 45, will spark a revolution for Baltimore City by increasing the living wage, expanding affordable health care, and pursuing quality educational opportunities.


Available here are the first round and second round  of endorsed candidates.


Maryland General Assembly

District 11
Candidate for State Senate Sheldon Laskin

District 12
Candidate for State Senate Clarence Lam

State Delegates Eric Ebersole and Teri Hill

District 18
Candidate for State Senate Dana Beyer


District 22
Candidate for State Delegate Nicole Williams


District 26
Candidate for State Delegate Veronica Turner


District 40
Candidate for State Senate Antonio Hayes

District 43
State Senator Joan Carter Conway

District 45
Candidate for State Senate Cory McCray

Baltimore City State’s Attorney

Marilyn Mosby

Baltimore County Council District 2

Izzy Patoka

Montgomery County Clerk of the Court

Alan Bowser

Montgomery County School Board

Karla Silvestre


District 1
Judy Docca


District 3
Pat O’Neill


District 5
Brenda Wolff


With nearly 100,000 lifetime members, CASA in Action is the largest electoral organization fighting for immigrant rights in the Mid-Atlantic region. Visit

CASA in Action, a 501(c)(4) organization, is the foremost Latino and immigrant organization in the Mid-Atlantic region and a national leader in supporting immigrant families and ensuring that all individuals have the core supports necessary for full participation in society. CASA in Action and CASA in Action PAC endorse candidates that advance its membership’s priorities and facilitates greater engagement of Latinos and voters of color in elections. With nearly 100,000 members, CASA in Action is an individual membership organization of low-income immigrants.  Donations to CASA in Action are not tax-deductible.

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