CASA in Action Endorses Candidates With a Progressive Vision for Baltimore 

BALTIMORE – CASA in Action enthusiastically announces endorsements of six candidates running in the city’s Democratic primaries on April 28. The endorsed candidates reflected CASA in Action’s priorities by promising to pass progressive policies that will benefit working families in Baltimore. 


“In these elections, we have a historic opportunity to make profound changes to the look and feel of government in Baltimore by supporting candidates who will work for the people and not for themselves,” said CASA in Action Baltimore director Lydia Walther-Rodriguez. “Our members are eager to elect a progressive slate of candidates - including the first Latina in the city’s history - that are committed to addressing the deep inequality impacting black and brown families.”


CASA in Action members endorsed candidates in six out of 14 districts after 13 interviews with the board. 


For District 1, members voted to endorse Zeke Cohen, the incumbent who has served for four years in the city council. Cohen has been a consistent supporter of the Latino community in Baltimore voting to increase the minimum wage and supporting the City’s trust policies.


For District 3, members endorsed Ryan Dorsey. Dorsey, an incumbent, is on of the most progressive members of the council and is particularly concerned about issues of police oversight.


Members chose Kris Burnett for the seat in District 8. Burnett, a community organizer who partnered with CASA on northwest community-building work, has served as a fierce advocate for his communities.

For District 9, members voted to support John Bullock, an incumbent who has been a leader on multiple issues including the crisis of affordable housing. 

For District 10, members endorsed Phylicia Porter, a public health expert who has worked closely in the Latino sections of the district and has the support of some of the city’s unions. 

For District 14, CASA in Action is endorsing Odette Ramos, who, if elected, could become Baltimore’s first Latina councilmember. Ramos is a progressive who has worked with CASA in Action for years and values the organization’s contributions to the community.

“The board hopes that whoever is elected can recognize the strength of our working-class families and immigrant communities within Baltimore and will work with us to make this city the best it can be,” said Crisaly D’los Santos, CASA in Action board of directors member. 





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CASA in Action, a 501(c)(4) organization, is the foremost Latino and immigrant organization in the Mid-Atlantic region and a national leader in supporting immigrant families and ensuring that all individuals have the core supports necessary for full participation in society. CASA in Action and CASA in Action PAC endorse candidates that advance its membership’s priorities and facilitates greater engagement of Latinos and voters of color in elections. With nearly 100,000 members, CASA in Action is an individual membership organization of low-income immigrants.  Donations to CASA in Action are not tax-deductible.

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