Tell Hogan to Sign Dreamers' Scholarship Bill

By: Gustavo Torres, President of CASA in Action

May 24, 2018​

We have less than a week to convince Hogan not to veto the DREAMer scholarship bill. He has been conspicuously silent on it, letting the bill stagnate on his desk for more than three weeks. His reticence makes us worry that unless he hears how important this issue is to his constituents, he will dump HB 420 in the trash.


With it, Hogan would throw away the future of students like fierce activist Jesus Vicuña.

Living in Baltimore, this 18-year-old high school student attends Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and worked hard to earn an acceptance letter to Coppin State University. A CASA advocate, he promotes legislation that helps DACA recipients like him (see photo), most notably testifying in front of the Maryland House Ways and Means Committee in favor of in-state college tuition rates for DREAMers. Now, he and the almost 10,000 DACA recipients in Maryland need your help.

Call Hogan’s legislative office now at 410-974-3336 and urge Hogan to sign the DREAMer scholarship bill, so students like Jesus can earn scholarships they need to graduate college. Adding your voice could mean the difference between a future brimming with possibilities and a life saddled with college debt – or worse, no college at all.

Sample Script

Hello, Governor Hogan’s office.

Hi, this is (Your Name) and I live in (City). I’d like to speak to the staffer who handles immigration or education issues.

Hold on please while I check if that person is available. (pause) I’m sorry, our education LA isn’t available right now. Can I take a message?

Yes, I’m calling about HB 420, the DREAMer scholarship bill. I know Governor Hogan has that bill on his desk, waiting for his signature. I urge him to sign HB 420 into law.

As governor, it is his responsibility to be on the frontlines, protecting everyone that lives in Maryland. That means he is charged with supporting the 34,000 DREAMers live in Maryland. HB 420 lets DREAMers apply for scholarships they need to graduate.

The bill is sitting on his desk! When will he sign it?

[Answer.] Thanks for your message. Can I get your full name, address, and telephone number?

(Full Name), 1234 First Street, City, Maryland, 12345. (555) 555-5555.


Thank you. I will pass along your message to Governor Hogan.


Thank you.

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