Tell Hogan to Sign Dreamers' Scholarship Bill

By: Gustavo Torres, President of CASA in Action

May 3, 2018​

It's been weeks since Governor Larry Hogan received a bill that lets Dreamers apply for college scholarships. The bill passed with flying colors in the Maryland Assembly, and yet Governor Hogan has let it waste away on his desk.

Every day of inaction is another day lost for the talented undocumented young people trying to finance their education – young people like Jose Dominguez.

An outstanding student brimming with potential, Jose is a junior at Morgan State University studying electrical engineering. He is on the fast track to graduating and becoming a computer engineer. After class, Jose tutors high school students in Baltimore, taking the bus for an hour to arrive at the center the students go to after school is over.

Because of his extensive community service and good grades in his classes, a Maryland delegate had nominated him for a scholarship – but Jose did not qualify because he is a Dreamer.

This bill would change that.

Jose has been an advocate for the immigrant community for years, urging his elected officials to pass legislation to help those that need it most. Now, Jose is asking you to take action on behalf of him and the thousands of other Dreamers like him: tell Governor Hogan to sign the scholarship bill into law.

We thank you for adding your name. With your help, Maryland Dreamers will get the scholarships they need to graduate from college.

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