Victory! DREAMERS Get Scholarships in Maryland

By: Gustavo Torres, President of CASA in Action

May 30, 2018​

Thanks to your advocacy, DREAMers in college now have access to scholarships! 

Although the law passed, it did so without the governor’s approval. We’re disappointed in the failed leadership of Governor Larry Hogan. When given the opportunity to rise above for Maryland’s DREAMers, he fell abysmally short and never signed HB 420 into law. Thankfully, Maryland allows a bill to become law after 30 days of passing in the Maryland Assembly.

Now, DREAMers in college are eligible for in-state financial aid, the Delegate Howard P. Rawlings Educational Excellence Award, and part-time grants. 

College students with DACA that need scholarships have a chance at a brighter future because of the following delegates that sponsored the bill. Please email your delegate, if listed below, and thank them for their leadership.

In upcoming scholarship opportunities, your Maryland delegate should include DREAMers as eligible candidates if they meet the requirements as indicated. Please contact your Delegate for more information.

¡Gracias a su defensa, los soñadores estudiando en la universidad ahora tienen acceso a becas!

Estamos decepcionados con la carencia de liderazgo del gobernador Larry Hogan. Cuando se le dio la oportunidad de darle una mano a los soñadores de Maryland, Hogan falló terriblemente y nunca firmó el HB 420. Afortunadamente, Maryland permite que un proyecto de ley se convierta en ley después de 30 días de aprobación en la Asamblea de Maryland.

Ahora, los soñadores en la universidad son elegibles para recibir ayuda financiera dentro del estado, el Premio de la excelencia educativa del Delegado Howard P. Rawlings y las subvenciones a tiempo parcial.

Los estudiantes universitarios con DACA que necesitan becas tienen la oportunidad de tener un futuro mejor debido a los siguientes delegados que patrocinaron el proyecto de ley en la Asamblea de Maryland. Envíele un correo electrónico a su delegado, si se incluye a continuación, y agradécele su liderazgo.

En próximas oportunidades de becas, su representante estatal debe incluir a los soñadores como candidatos elegibles si cumplen con los requisitos indicados. Por favor, póngase en contacto con su delegado para obtener más información.

Thank You

Nearly 300 Marylanders activated to help DREAMers, calling and emailing Governor Hogan for his support. We’re grateful for each of you that reached out. Maryland is inclusive and accepting, as these advocates illustrate:

“UMD faculty and knew how great Dreamers were – would hate to deprive them of a UMD education because of financial hardship. I also said this would be a key factor in my November vote.” – Linda

“I urged [the legislative staffer], saying I am an ESL teacher and in favor of the DREAMers’ success, and she said, ‘Thank you for calling and expressing your concern.’” – Kristi

“We are a nation born of immigration. Most DREAMers consider the U.S. their home and some really only know the U.S. as their home, since they were too young to remember any other prior to being here. They can contribute so much and I feel they are citizens in their actions already. Please create a true path that helps them become Americans.” – Kathleen

“My work involves working with immigrants families in the Anne Arundel County school system. It is not fair what these kids have to endure this treatment. This is the place they call HOME. They are as smart as the ones born in the U.S. and deserve a chance.” – Nilha

“People like Jose are the kind of people our country and our state need.” – Joseph

“As a current student at USG, I understand the financial difficulties. I myself am a MD dreamer and not being able to receive any support is hard but just makes me work even harder for my dreams to become a social worker. Even when the odds are against me and I might only be able to take two classes it will be worth it.” – Geraldine

Thank the HB 420 Sponsors

Mándele un mensaje de agradecimiento a los patrocinadores el HB 420

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