Comstock Sits on Sidelines As Democratic Challengers Line Up to Support Immigrants

WOODBRIDGE, VA (FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1, 2017) – Seven Democrats running to replace Representative arbara Comstock (VA-10) have pledged to take leadership to pass comprehensive and permanent relief for DREAMers and those currently living with Temporary Protected Status while Comstock refuses to take a stance.
Since the Trump administration terminated DACA and Temporary Protected Status designations which provided relief for immigrants brought to the US as children or coming from countries impacted by natural or humanitarian crisis, pressure has ramped up on Members of Congress to find a solution. Barbara Comstock has refused to cosponsor the almost dozen bills – many bipartisan – that provide a fix.  She has also refused to respond to thousands of constituent inquiries regarding her position.  And she has refused to meet on dozens of occasions with 10th district residents to discuss the crisis. 
Virginia’s 10th Congressional District is particularly hard hit by the termination of these critical programs.  Together, thousands of residents in the district had either DACA or TPS status.  Indeed, the 10th is the second largest congressional district in the country for people with TPS. 
Comstock’s refusal to provide relief to immigrants is particularly surprising given the precariousness of her seat.  Just four weeks ago, the 10th gave Democrat Ralph Northam 55% of the vote in a campaign, a resounding failure of Republican candidate attacks against immigrants.  The Cook Political Report lists the district as a toss-up and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has made the district a top spending priority. 
In stark contrast to Comstock’s silence, Democratic Candidates Julia Biggins, Allison Friedman, Daniel Helmer, Julien Modica, Paul Pelletier, Lindsey Stover and Jennifer Wexton have all committed to take leadership if elected.
“Unless Barbara Comstock starts acting to resolve the immigration crisis facing DREAMers and people with TPS, voters will have a clear contrast when they vote next year for who will represent them,” said Michelle LaRue, Virginia Director of CASA in Action.  “And by all indications, the voters of the 10th will be selecting the candidate willing to stand with immigrants.”


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