Amid Bernie Sanders’s ‘Resurgence,’ a Progressive Coalition Endorses Him

December 10, 2019

Amid Bernie Sanders’s ‘Resurgence,’ a Progressive Coalition Endorses Him

Election leaves ICE agreement in question

November 14, 2019

CASA in Action, the region’s largest pro-immigrant political organization, endorsed King, Ashworth and all five Democratic supervisors-elect and actively campaigned on their behalf. Luis Aguilar, Virginia director of CASA in Action, said he expects the new board to end the county’s 287(g) program.  

“We expect them to remove that program and end that program. It’s critical to have that,” Aguilar said. 

Balance de poder podría cambiar en Virginia

November 01, 2019

En las últimas semanas CASA en Acción ha estado movilizando a decenas de voluntarios que han tocado las puertas de residentes hispanos en vecindarios estratégicos del estado. Señalan que al menos han contactado a unas 5 mil personas cada semana.

Falls Church News-Press

October 29, 2019

Fairfax Democratic School Board Candidates Weigh In on Latino Issues


A forum for Fairfax County Public Schools’ school board candidates earlier this month focused on issues specific to Latino students and families was hosted by immigrant rights organization, CASA in Action.

Thomas Jefferson Regional Library hosted a panel of Democrat hopefuls Oct. 15, covering everything from how to help Latinos in the classroom as well as to give non-English speaking parents more options for community involvement.

CASA in Action Endorses Local and State Candidates in Virginia

August 16, 2019


Falls Church, VA –  CASA in Action, the region’s largest pro-immigrant electoral organization, is pleased to announce its endorsement of twenty-seven candidates for the Virginia general election on November 5, 2019. CASA in Action board interviewed and voted in favor of candidates that support a pro-immigrant agenda that benefits working families.

Copy Of -David Simon, Former Ag Stephen Sachs, Casa in Action Endorses Sheldon Laskin over Bobby Zirkin

April 20, 2018

Immigrant rights organization CASA in Action endorsed Laskin, saying he “has fought alongside CASA advocates and supported tenants’ rights as well as equal opportunity employment opportunities for decades.” CASA in Action joins Maryland Working Families, Our Revolution Maryland, and Baltimore County Progressive Democrats Club in endorsing Laskin.

Endorsement Roundup: Nurses for Elrich; Leggett for Dang, Katz

April 17, 2018

Acevero has also been endorsed by Leggett and Council Vice President Nancy Navarro among other county elected leaders and statewide advocacy organizations, including SEIU Local 500 and CASA In Action, one the largest immigrant advocacy organizations in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Fewer TV ads, microtargeting: crowded race for Maryland governor candidates yields unusual strategies to win

April 15, 2018

Among those groups is CASA de Maryland, the immigrants rights group. The charity’s affiliated — though legally separate — political-advocacy arm, CASA in Action, endorsed Jealous.

“The Latino vote is only expected to be three to five percent,” Harris said. “But in a field of seven people, three to five percent is a lot.”

CASA in Action Announces New Endorsements

March 28, 2018

Immigrant rights group CASA in Action has announced a second wave of endorsements.

Trump amenaza con vetar ley de gastos por disputa sobre DACA y muro

March 23, 2018

Gustavo Torres, presidente de “CASA en Acción”,  dijo que la amenaza de veto presidencial no es más que el esfuerzo más reciente de Trump en su “letanía de acciones moralmente reprehensibles”, porque busca “explotar” el limbo de los Dreamers para extraer más fondos para “su ridículo muro fronterizo”.

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CASA in Action, a 501(c)(4) organization, is the foremost Latino and immigrant organization in the Mid-Atlantic region and a national leader in supporting immigrant families and ensuring that all individuals have the core supports necessary for full participation in society. CASA in Action and CASA in Action PAC endorse candidates that advance its membership’s priorities and facilitates greater engagement of Latinos and voters of color in elections. With nearly 100,000 members, CASA in Action is an individual membership organization of low-income immigrants.  Donations to CASA in Action are not tax-deductible.

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